General aspects of COVID-19 and its handling by anesthesiologists

  • Marco Túlio Barroso Vilarinho Universidade Estácio de Sá
  • Clara de Oliveira e Souza
  • Juliana Schvartz
  • Kylza Azevedo
  • Noeli Mofati Lima
  • Matheus Deco
  • Bruno Vítor Martins Santiago
Keywords: COVID-19, Anesthesiology, Breathing Problems, Prevention


Anesthesiologists play a crucial role in the management of critically ill patients, both in the leadership of rapid response teams for orotracheal intubation, and in the operating room. Therefore, they become extremely exposed. Discussing preventive strategies and conducting team training, with emphasis on paramentation of personal protective equipment and airway algorithms, are fundamental to improve outcomes. This study addresses the main characteristics of the COVID-19 with focus on the handling of the disease by anesthesiologists, bringing epidemiologic data from Brazil and the world, as well as the impact this new virus might have on the health system.

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Barroso Vilarinho, M. T., Oliveira e Souza, C., Schvartz, J., Azevedo, K., Mofati Lima, N., Deco, M., & Martins Santiago, B. V. (2020). General aspects of COVID-19 and its handling by anesthesiologists. InterAmerican Journal of Medicine and Health, 3.
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