O uso de ventiladores na pandemia do covid-19

  • Laura Diehl Barbosa PUCPR
Keywords: COVID-19, respiratory insufficiency, mechanical ventilation, ventilators, intensive care


Introduction: The use of ventilators is highly recommended in advanced phases of COVID-19, when patients present deterioration of lung function and acute respiratory failure. Objective: To present the challenges faced by many countries on the use of ventilators during pandemic. Methods: This study was based on bibliographic research on cientific magazines and online database. Results: The challenges facing mechanical ventilation are: failure on implementing social distancing, lack of diagnosis and late diagnosis, unequal distribution of intensive care units and bioethical issues among who gets access to intensive care. Conclusions: The shortage of ventilators and high number of people infected with COVID-19 could bring health systems to collapse in many countries, especially Brazil. Therefore, new alternatives are being studied in order to solve the presented issue.

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Diehl Barbosa, L. (2020). O uso de ventiladores na pandemia do covid-19. InterAmerican Journal of Medicine and Health, 3. https://doi.org/10.31005/iajmh.v3i0.141
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