Fungos dermatófitos e resistência a antifúngicos

  • Geisiany Queiroz-Fernandes Faculdade São Lepoldo Mandic de Araras
  • Ellen Cristina de Andrade Silvestre Centro Universitário Unisagrado - Bauru- SP, Brasil.


Dermatophytoses is a fungal infection responsible for cutaneous mycoses caused by dermatophytes, a classification of filamentous fungi and queratinofílicos, able to degrade keratin present in skin, nails and hair. This is a public health problem that affects 20 to 25% of the world's population. The infections caused by dermatophytes reach mainly developing countries, hot and humid climate, factors that promote your spread. The principal genera of dermatophytes: Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton. For the treatment of dermatophytoses antifungal medications are used and the irrational use of these drugs has contributed to the increase of the resistance against the dermatophytes. Thus, this study aimed to analyze the resistance profile of fungi causing dermatophytoses in the face of the main antifungals and to highlight the importance of adequate treatment. We performed a review of the scientific literature was conducted based on the databases Bireme, PubMed, Scielo, Google Scholar, Science Research and ResearchGate, considering articles published between 2014 and 2019. Were used as key words: tinea, dermatophytes, dermatophytoses, national and international. We found 127 articles, after reading the titles, abstracts and texts, articles that did not refer to the chosen theme were excluded. The resistance rates of these fungi to commonly used antifungals are increasing and measures such as avoiding misuse, without medical guidance, the use of inadequate doses and stopping treatment before cure, can contribute to the reduction of these numbers. In addition, we highlight the need for studies that can contribute to the development of new therapeutic options and to the orientation of the importance of rational use of antifungals.

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Queiroz-Fernandes, G., & Silvestre, E. C. de A. (2022). Fungos dermatófitos e resistência a antifúngicos. InterAmerican Journal of Medicine and Health, 4, 1 - 11.
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