• Alexander Oswaldo Ojeda Crespo Md.
  • Alexander Javier Ojeda Cedillo
  • Peter Oswaldo Ojeda Cedillo
  • Andres Eduardo Ojeda Cedillo
  • Anaximenes León



covid 19, coronavirus, pandemic, treatment


In Ecuador there are more than 4,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and Guayaquil reports the highest number of infected and 450 deaths in the entire country. And according to medical experts estimate that those who died in the following months will reach between 2,500 and 3,500 due to covid 19 only in the province of Guayas. The epidemic began in Wuhan, China, and spread rapidly throughout the country and later throughout the world. The WHO warns that COVID-19 is the "public enemy number 1" and potentially more powerful than terrorism, which is why I declare the pandemic. The objective of the present investigation is to determine the benefit of the oral use of claritomycin, viusid, N acetilcisteina and hot tea. Material and methods: The patients were four doctors, two nurses and six private patients aged between 35 and 65 years of age, all of whom were residents of Machala-Ecuador. The first six for hospital contagion and the remaining six for community contagion. Clarithromycin was administered 500mg every 12 hours, N-acetylcysteine ​​600mg, Viusid three sachets daily and hot tea four times in patients infected with COVID 19 and half the dose in the contacts. There are treatments used in various countries of the world with different results, and, given the very serious situation in Ecuador, I share my personal experience with excellent benefits and favorable patient outcomes.


COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemi, treatment

Author Biographies

Alexander Javier Ojeda Cedillo

Graduated Physician at the University of Guayaquil Ecuador Resident of the Social Security Institute R3 Postgraduate Cardiology University of Zulia Maracaibo Venezuela

Peter Oswaldo Ojeda Cedillo

Graduado en la Carrerade Medicina de la Universidad Tecnica de Machala Ecuador

Residente del Hospital Teofilo Davila de Machala

Posgradista de Cirugia general Universidad del Zulia Maracaibo Venezuela

Andres Eduardo Ojeda Cedillo

Doctor graduated in the Medicine Career of the Technical University of Machala Ecuador Resident of the Teofilo Davila de Machala Hospital R3 Radiology Postgraduate University of Zulia Maracaibo Venezuela

Anaximenes León

Medical specialist University of Zulia Maracaibo Venezuela General Coordinator of the Doctorate of the University of Zulia



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