Elastic resistance training: resistance exercise alternative in the home environment during Covid-19 pandemic

  • Marcus Vinícius Almeida Campos Faculdade Euclides da Cunha - FEUC
  • Henrique Miguel Department of Physical Education - University Center of Espírito Santo do Pinhal - UNIPINHAL
Keywords: Elastic Resistance Training, resistance exercise, Home


Among the measures adopted by several governments during the COVID-19 pandemic to inhibit agglomeration and consequently the contagion of a high number of people, is the closing of gyms and other spaces for the practice of resisted physical exercise, which can cause detraining both athletes as non-athletes. Thus, the purpose of this communication was to present the possibility of using elastic resistance training in order to minimize the effects of interruptions in training conducted before the isolation period. In this sense, it can be verified that, since performed in a way that respects the principles of resistance training, elastic resistance training is safe and efficient for use regardless of age and gender.

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